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A Restaurant POS System for Serious Restaurateurs Like You

Ala Carte POS is a full-service restaurant point of sale system built to help you work smarter, not harder.

Unleash the potential of your restaurant with our powerful POS system

POS software combined with state-of-the-art POS hardware delivers a best-in-class point of sale solution.

Ready, Set, Sales!

  • Gift Cards

    From driving sales to boosting brand awareness, gift cards are an opportunity to turn new customers into loyal ones.

  • Customer Loyalty Programs

    Loyal customers are your bread and butter. Keep them coming back time and time again with personalized promotions, rewards, and incentives.

  • Online Ordering

    These days, real-time online ordering is a must for any restaurant. Give customers the convenience of ordering online across multiple channels like your website or third-party delivery services.

Powerful Restaurant Management Features

  • Inventory Management

    From tracking raw goods to managing all your vendors and purchase orders in a central location, Ala Carte POS restaurant point of sale system will nix your 86 list.

  • Staff Management

    It’s more than just X and Z reports when it comes to employee management. Evaluate sales performance, track hours, edit timesheets, calculate overtime, and manage job-based permissions.

  • Menu Customization

    Create happy hour pricing, add specials or edit items in real-time. Easily organize menu items and modifiers with an intuitive user interface.

Contactless Payment Processing

Protect your staff and guests by eliminating unnecessary physical contact at the point of sale.

  • Contactless Payments

    Help keep guests and staff safe by avoiding nonessential contact. Our contactless EMV terminals support NFC tap-and-go technology so you can accept credit card payments completely touch free.

  • QR Code Payments

    Our QR code payment option allows customers to quickly pay by scanning a unique code using the camera on their phone.

  • Online Ordering

    Our free online ordering solution allows you to accept payment for takeout and delivery orders online, eliminating the need for the customer to present the card when they pick up their food.

“The software seemed much more intuitive than some of the other systems we looked at and it offered much better functionality.”

Owner of The Dubliner on the Delaware

Restaurant POS Hardware

What’s in the box?

  1. Ala Carte POS Onyx POS System

    A sleek design, powerful performance, and a lifetime warranty.

  2. Receipt Printer

    Lightning fast printing and customizable receipts.

  3. Cash Drawer

    Keep your dough safe and secure.

  4. Credit Card Reader

    Make sure your restaurant always serves up secure payments.

Additional POS Hardware Options

Kitchen Printer (Remote Printer)

Add remote thermal printers or dot-matrix printers in your kitchen or bar to speed up order prep.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Or don’t use a printer at all and leverage the eco-friendly power of a KDS.

Digital Scale

If you sell weighted items, a digital scale will ensure sales are accurate — down to the penny.

Barcode Scanner

For restaurants that sell merchandise or other retail items with a UPC, a barcode scanner can speed up sales.

Tableside Tablet

Servers can input orders and accept payment directly from the table with a purpose-built 10-inch tablet.

FREE Mobile Ordering and Payment Solution

Did you know that it costs significantly more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one? Let us help you turn your customers into regulars.

Cloud-Based POS Management

Ala Carte POS LighthouseTM business management system provides you with remote access to your restaurant POS system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lighthouse enables you to view reports online, make changes to your menu remotely, and manage employee schedules from anywhere. Now you can work from where you want, when you want.

Brand Management and Customer Engagement Tools

Having an online presence is a powerful and cost effective marketing strategy for any business — especially for a small business on a tight budget.

Manage social media accounts, your online reputation, and easily engage customers with our back office management tools.

Real-Time POS Reports and Analytics

No more guessing games. Drive decisions with data.

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Sales Reports

Tracking sales is essential for the success of any restaurant. Sales reports will give you actionable insights into what you’re selling and when.

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Menu and Product Reports

Know exactly what you’re selling and how much your spending on food costs. With menu and product reports you can find answers like these, and turn data into a plan of action.

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Labor Reports

Labor costs are a big chunk of your expenses and should be thoroughly monitored. High labor costs and low revenue is a recipe for disaster.

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