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POS ​for Pizza Shops

Help pizza stores achieve greater savings, unparalleled values, and exceptional efficiencies.

Pizza Shops Point of Sale

  • ​Flexible Order Entry

    Pizza ordering is simple with Aldelo Express, Change Sizes,Crust and add toppings, with just a touch. Want to charge for extra toppings? No Problem! Want to charge different amounts for toppings depending on the size? No Problem! Download the app from the Apple Store and see how simple it really is!

  • Delivery

    Delivery can be one of the most important parts of your business and with Aldelo Express features you can easily keep track of diver insurance, delivery locations, driver compensation, customer incidents, dispatch drivers, pay multiple tickets at once and much more!

  • ​Simple Setup

    Aldelo Express simplifies menu creation by having a pizza builder to walk you through the process of creating crust, sizes, toppings and even specialty pizzas quickly and efficiently.

Full Featured Pizza POS

  • Fast Casual POS

  • Pub & Tavern POS

  • Sports Bar POS

  • Nightclub POS

  • ​Bar & Grill POS

  • ​​​Wine & Cigar Bar POS

  • Bar Tabs

  • Bar Tab Pre-Auth

  • Happy Hour Pricing

  • Item Count Down

  • ​Global Pricing Updates

  • ​​​​​​Faster Another Round Ordering

  • Intuitive POS with Offline Abilities

  • Split & Combine

  • Seamless Payment Integrations

  • Discount, Surcharges & Gratuity

  • ​​Time Clock & Scheduling

Complete Restaurant POS System

Keeping a Finger on​the Market Pulse

Bisonte Pizza Company Navigates Challenges with Real-Time Reportsfrom Aldelo and MarginEdge

​Enable Flexible In-Store and Online Pizza and Delivery Modules

Included with Aldelo Express POS and Masa+

Top 5 Benefits of​Aldelo Express POS​for Pizza Places

Merchants Save Money with Flexible, Fast, and Easy-to-Use Restaurant Solutions

Aldelo POS Products for Pizza

Aldelo Cloud POS Made for All Restaurants & Bars

The Complete Aldelo Restaurant POS System

Everything you need with the ability to be added at any time

Cloud Station POS

Cloud Mobile POS

Online Store

Online Order

Table-Side QR Order

DoorDash Order Sync

Accounting Sync

Inventory & Recipes

Kitchen Display

Restaurant Kiosk

Customer Display

Integrated Payments

Multi-Store Gift

Multi-Store Loyalty

Cloud Management

24/7 Live Support

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